Difference between upside down forks and telescopic forks?


This is probably a stupid question but I am curious what the difference is on chinese upside down forks over chinese telescopic forks. As I am buying a pit bike with telescopic forks and the one I have now has upside down forks, will I still be able to jump without them bottoming or breaking??


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Jumping and bottoming out over a jump, is from too weak of front fork springs, or spring pre-load is way too soft.   I put a clutch spring in place of the dampener rod pre-load spacers, to add some small extra springing. If you can not pre-load the shock enough, you must put in stronger springs, but can avoid that by adding about 15 to 20 cc's too much fork oil to each leg.  Not best solution though..  Older standard forks work well once set up properly, as well as inverted shocks do.   Yes you should be able to jump with standard shocks, just the same as with inverted ones, if you bottom out, it is a spring problem (or compression dampening problem) not shock style.  if your new standard shocks bottom out, try increasing the viscosity of the fork fluid used, from lets say you use 10 weight change it to 20 weight, this will give you much better compression and rebound dampening.  Tip: most motorcycle shops for dirt racers do not carry 20 weight oil, you will find it at a Harley shop, or a  street bike shop for sure. 

Good luck


All modern dirt bike forks are telescopic forks, whether they are conventional (upright, inner tubes on top) or inverted (upside down, inner tubes on bottom).


Telescopic just means they use two tubes and one slides into the other.


Conventional forks have more flex, resulting in a more "forgiving" feel but less precise steering.


Inverted forks are more rigid at the clamps, giving a more precise feeling in turns.

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