125 pitbike bogs

Hi my 125 pit bike bogs when I open the throttle to fast even when in neutral any help would be greatly appreciated

Sounds like your jets may be plugged in your carb.

Pit bike?  as in MINI bike, as in SSR pit bike?

Well, I suggest you find on the carburetor the AIR/Fuel mixture adjusting screw (sometimes located on bottom of carburetor bowl) and turn it first in all the way and count number of turns till it stops, should be something like 3/4 of a turn to 1 1/4 from factory, This is too lean, turn it OUT to 2 full turns out from dead stop, unless it already was at that setting, in which case you will still turn it OUT, about 3/4 of a turn more.  You idle should go up, this is normal, adjust idle back lower. This stops hesitation, and backfiring.

If this does not work, you need to clean carburetor completely, focusing on pilot jet cleaning. Always run fresh gas of highest octane

Good luck


Thanks Gary I will have a look tonight.

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