2012 kx250f shrouds on 2007 kx250f

Would the 2012 kx250f shrouds fit on my 07? It looks like they so since I've been comparing the shrouds from each other

The answer is always gonna be yes to these "Does this fit this" questions.  They are not direct bolt ons though, so it depends how much time and effort you want to put in.  I think only 1 or 2 holes line up and you'll need to bend brackets for the other holes.  The seat might fit kinda funky though.  I'm sure if you wanna go all-out, just buy the gas tank and shrouds should fit better.  Keep in mind 2009 and newer frames have been getting narrower.  Ive actually compared holes before and they're not even close, but depth of the shroud is another thing to take into consideration.  The shroud mounts on gas tanks contour differently.

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