1995 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6E Stalling Issue

Hey, first time using thumpertalk so hopefully I can get some help.

I've got a 1995 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6E that has been stalling on me.

I have cleaned the carbs thoroughly,cleaned the air filter, adjusted the fuel/air screws, adjusted the idle, put a new fuel filter on, new fuel lines, cleaned the tank, and cleaned as best as I could the fuel pump.

When I got the bike, the carbs and fuel filter were very dirty. There were whole bugs in the carbs! I fixed the seals that were letting air blow by the filter.

It ran ok. Not much bottom end and at 7k-8k rpm it hesatates to go faster for 10 or so seconds and finally takes off. This is around 100 mph that it does this. Also when accelerating hard between 4k-6k rpm, if I pull the clutch in, the bike goes way down in rpms and stalls.

This happens only when I'm accelerating fast and pull the clutch in. The bike does not sputter. Nice smooth power.

After cleaning the carbs and everything else the bike runs a lot stronger and sounds a lot cleaner.

Buuuuuut, the stalling is still there. It is a little better now. It can save itself sometimes without me having to release the clutch or twist the throttle.

Just need some suggestions on problem solving this. Let me know please! Thank you.




Stalled on me again yesterday randomly. Was not pulling clutch. Cruising at steady speed and bike started sputtering. Was able to ride it for another 2 miles till it gave up. Just took it all apart today and it started without the fuel pump and tank attached. Still sputtered but stayed running. Took spark plugs out and they are black but not oil covered.

Also black smoke coming out of exhaust on and off.

If your getting black smoke you have a carb issue...did you check the float height and you need the sync the carbs together aswell.Sounds like one of the carbs are giving you an issue.

It ended up being a fouled plug, but thank you

It does still act lean at 7-8k rmps so I am replacing the 140 main jets with 142.5 mains.

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