Replace or rebuild xr185 suspension?

I have an '89 xr185 that recently got running so now I'm looking to fix up all of the smaller problems. Right away I noticed that the front forks seem to leak some oil, and the rear shocks seem to be shot. When it is put on it's kickstand the rear shock sag lower and lower like an old dog with bad hips. Anyways, I dont know much about shocks so my main question is what should I do to get to hear shocks woods ready, at the most economical price. Should I just replace oil and fork seals up front and new shocks and springs in the back? Thanks in advance. ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1406471960.394037.jpg

Forks are pretty easy on those. Get new seals and some good fork oil. If you actually ride and not putt around suggest you go a thicker oil. If sag a litle too much you can make a PVC spacer to bring it up. Also I know some people dislike it but I use aircap on these. You would be suprised how much difference 2 lbs make.

    As far as shocks, Those stock shocks were horrible and "sqeaked" when new. Hagon makes a nice shock that is cheap for these. My XR185 uses custon shocks I had made but I have aluminum swingarm/different forks etc on mine so it has 10/10" good travel.

    Great bike to play in trees if prepped right. Motor has lots of potential and I may still have a powroll up-pipe for this. I re-made a batch a few years ago and they sold VERY fast.

Awesome thanks for the detailed reply. Is there any fork oil that you would recommend? I plan on actually riding this bike and not just putting around. As for shocks I was thinking about going with progressive suspensions 13 series Baja magnum shocks and matching springs.

I believe your bike is a '79?  I've got '79 XR185 forks on my MR175.  I think they work quite well, much better than the originals.  I started out with ATF, then Torco RFF20, then the Bel-Ray 7W fork oil  that's in there now - each time I felt a traction improvement in bumpy corners.  Next time I'm trying 180cc of Bel-Ray HVI 5W per leg.


I had a Goki single-fill air setup on my '74 CR125M forks, which worked great and never leaked.  I miss it a lot.



My bad, I meant '79 I didn't catch that typo. But thanks for the reply on fork oil, ill look into that.

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