Handlebar raisers or no handlebar raisers?

I bought my bike with handebar raisers mounted. I'm 1,84 and i feel comfortable riding with them when i'm standing up on the bike. But when i sit down on the bike the handlebars feel awkwardly high.

I haven't ridden the bike yet with the raisers removed, i still need to try that, but if handlebar raisers were a good thing, why would bike manufacturers not put them on the bikes by default?


Here the say: "Handlebars should be as low as possible and bar raisers avoided at all costs. The higher the handlebars the less traction you will have on your front wheel."


What do you think?



Stating no handlebar raisers does not mean anything without taking into account what bar is on the bike. I hate "experienced" trainers and riders stating you should never use raisers. If so, what do you do when the manufactures switch bar from year to year, what height, sweep and position was the correct, the first or the second?


So stupid.


Raisers can be avoided only due to the fact that it is easier to bend the bolts in a crash, the longer they are. This favours high raise bars instead of raisers.


Me being around 186-187cm, i raise my bar 13mm (compared to KTM stock) by switching bar, and add a 20mm higher seat. I also lower the pegs on the KTM since they tend to be mounted higher then on the japs.

In short...If you like 'em, keep 'em. If you don't...remove them.

I am now going for the original clamps and i will remove the raisers. Let's see what i like better. Where many people like to tuse their bikes, i have the tendency to buy only original parts and keep my bike as stock as possible. Don't know, i tend to think that the engineers in the factories know much better how a bike needs to be than me. ;-)

Yes, i know, everybody tailors their bike to fit their needs and likes. I want to go back to original and work from there to see how i can improve. The bike, but mostly improve myself.

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It also depends how long arms vs legs you have. You will get more frontend control with lower bars, but you will suffer as hell when you have to stand up through rought stuff since your lower back and legs as well as lung capacity needs to be in excellent shape to work thorugh the crunched position you will be in.


So if the lower bars means yo will sit down more since you dont have the stamina to stand up the right amount then it is a no go.


Riding well prepped hardpacked tracks is not the right place to evaluate if you got the right handlebar height. Beaten up softer tracks, kind of sand, is.

try rotating your bars forward with the risers off. gives you more room and a better standing stance

i tend to think that the engineers in the factories know much better how a bike needs to be than me. ;-)

This is idiotic. Not trying to start a fight or be disrespectful but think about what you are saying.


How could a motorcycle design engineer know what fits you, personally, the best? And why would he care?


I'm not saying to stay with a tall bar. What I AM saying is that different bikes fit differently. Make sure yours is comfortable for YOU and the kind of riding you do with it.

Clearly the first step is to ride with out the bar risers and the bars you have and see how it feels.


My gripe with bar risers is that while they move the bars up, they also move them into your pelvis. If you tall and standing and trying to get forward over the front tire, you may be face planting into your front fender. There are always exceptions, if i'm riding a lot of high speed open standing, i'm running risers. If i'm trying to rail corners, sitting or standing, i'm ditching the risers. I don't know spain, but I don't imagine fast open.


My general rule of thumb if you tall (i'm 6'4", or 1.9m (i looked it up)), forward is more important then up when it comes to bars. The best thing you can do is try different things and see what works for you. I like adjustable triple clamps (forward) with protaper windham bend bars.


for what it's worth, I don't think front end traction is dependent directly on bar bend or riser, it's more dependent on how far you can get your self forward rather then the bar bend or riser it's self.

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I run Renthal 796. 13mm higher, and 14mm less sweep then on the 2013 450 KTM and in 3rd position (position 1 being closest to the gas tank).

Im 186 cm tall. Bars are then almost in line with forks, they are a little bit closer to me then being in line with the forks.


I cant rotate the stock fwd to get them up+fwd, i get so much armpump you want believe it.

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 i feel comfortable riding with them when i'm standing up on the bike. But when i sit down on the bike the handlebars feel awkwardly high.



 Think about a tall seat . Then , maybe you'll feel great sitting as well as standing  :thumbsup:

I removed the raisers and set the bars to the center position. Bike feels a lot easier to handle. Suits my needs.

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