Replacement Carb for 1981 XT250?

Hey all, I am helping my dad get his 1981 xt250 up and running after sitting garaged for close to 25 years.  We pulled the carb to rebuild it and it was crazy gummed up.  I have got it all cleaned but the throttle slide is completely frozen in the closed position.  I am trying one last ditch effort of soaking it in Coke for a few days to see if I can get it to break free.  If I can't it is my understanding that the carb is toast and we will need a new one.  I have not been able to find the same one. My question is, is there a good replacement carb made by mikuni or another company?  Has anyone had to switch to a different carb?  This is my first time working on a slide carb, most of my experience is with old honda cv kehlin carbs and the modern triumph carbs.  Any advice would be great, thanks!

that bike has a manual accelerator pump,  so I would look for a carb off of a tt250 or other 250 cc air cooled bikes.  jetting then would be close.

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