recommended trails/area for camping and riding


my friends and I always do a camping/riding trip for labor day weekend. we all live in Colorado springs. we've done rainbow falls, north divide (717 trails), and tarryall reservoir. we like trails that have similarities to a motocross/supercross track. whoops, jumps, burms etc. wide enough to pass and have a friendly competition race so to speak. not into rocky slow technical trails. we also bring kids that ride so some trails need to be 9 year old friendly. if anyone has recommendations of trails that fit these descriptions, id appreciate any info, links, videos. we were thinking of taylor park this year but have never been there. don't mind the drive if we can find info on the kinda riding we like. thanks again for any info.

Labor day in Taylor you mine as well be in New york. the traffic n people is insane. Nnot real sure of anf riding areas that fit your description except Ram off road park

I expect it to be packed. Labor Day weekend is busy everywhere. And that's fine. This RAM you speak of, is that the track next door to Aztec? I'd like to find a place to go camping with trails that have a few jumps on them doesn't need to be huge jumps.

I believe you can camp at the new Watkins motocross - its has 3 trail with jumps and berms, and then a few out in the back.


VDR also allows camping if I remember correctly. 

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