Clutch replacement, actuator throw too short

I picked up a 2000 XR650r a couple of weeks back and couldn't be happier about finally finding the elusive beast near Kansas City. I decided that it would be smart to go ahead and do some maintenance as the previous owner had mentioned that he did zero maintenance on the bike while owning it. Well i learned my lesson on what friction modifiers are with a synthetic oil in comparison to the motorcycle specific oil as the clutch began slipping instantly. I read that you could either change the oil and deglaze the discs or just install a new disc pack when changing oil, i decided to go ahead and just get a new pack and new honda 5w-30 oil. 


The problem is that when i put in the new pack and tighten down the pressure plate there is an excessive gap that the actuator must cover to disengage the clutch. This extra distance makes it impossible for the clutch lever and cable to be adjusted tight enough to engage the clutch. 


Any ideas on what i might of done wrong on the install? It is sitting apart for now as i am stumped. 

I have been looking at it and what i have found different between the old set and the new set (Tusk Racing) is the original plate A is slightly narrower allowing the judder spring to sit within it. Where as the new plate sits ontop of the judder spring, this makes the pack too tall for the actuator to correctly engage. 

Well I put the original plate a back in keeping the judder spring in place with the new set of plates and it works correctly now.

So all I can boil this down to is the difference between stock and aftermarket parts. Which is a total of 2mm inside diameter on plate a.

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