Girlfriends kx100 leaking fuel from the air screw? Oring?

Hi guys I recently got my girlfriend a 2001 KX 100... I've been noticing fuel leaking from the air screw on the carburetor, and was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. When I pull the screw and spring completely out I noticed that there is no washer or o ring?? (Dont see one on motosports oem diagram). Is there supposed to be one in there ? And what else can cause this ? The bike runs good, ..idle can be a little choppy other than that it's a great bike! Thanks!

On the air screw there is supposed to be the spring, a small washer on the end of the spring (to prevent the spring from digging into the O ring) and then an O ring itself.

At least thats how it is on my 250.

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