Trying to find exhaust that will meet 96db

Okay so Im trying to find the best exhaust that will meet 96 dbs for my offroad rides that have sound check so I have to meet 96 db. The best pipes I have researched are the yoshi rs-2 and the mrd standard with inserts.  Both of these pipes are proven to meet 96 dbs?

The yosh rs2 is 96db. Not sure on the mrd. Fmf q-series are 96db as well. You also have to remember that these pipes are rated at 96db with the quiet inserts in and a stock motor. If you have a fcr carb,or a jet kit in the stock carb and a 3x3 hole in the air box it will be louder

My stock one works pretty good.

isn't the FMF Q4 pretty quite? That's what I would run if I wanted quite. I have the RS-2 and it is fairly quite.. Might be 96db..??

I just have 3x3 mod and jd jet kit. The bike is awesome for single track and fire roads but I keep wanting more power on the street. I just dont want to be changing exhausts everytime i go offroad which isnt very often but still.  On the streets i will run it open but with the quiet core in it needs to be 96 db. Looks like its gonna be the rs-2?

I use an rs2 slip on on an E with a 440 and it works great for trailriding with the quiet insert in.  It is not bad hard on the ears, but it is some what loud from a distance, people will here you.  I have not been in a sound check.  The yoshi compliments the bike well for the average rider.

I used to have a full E exhaust on mine that was really queit wwith the big baffle in (1st 1 on video) it did affect power slightly but not that much tbh


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