KC MO area Endurocross track.


I need Endurocross riders to play, practice and upkeep and finish building track in KC MO area. 2 participants are no longer available and I am sore as hell from weed eating 2.5 hours yesterday and another hour of weed spraying weeds.




Edited by old man dave 59

Where are you building this? I live in kck

Excelsior Springs area. Edited by old man dave 59

Are you still looking for help? I have no shortage of projects already underway, but I always like to build courses and ride new spots.

Me and a buddy might be able to help you out if your still building. We're looking for good practice for harescrambles.

Yes we should get together.

Where at in excelsior?

Off of O.

210 and o

Did you used to run the forward motion series?

Yes I used to, but HGP is my series. Summer is used to ride with WFO TRAILRIDERS.

How often do you guys get together and ride?

Varies, probably quite a bit this spring. Sign up with WFO TRAILRIDERS. COM website and we communicate more there. Just a show thread and talk forum. I am president and admistrator.

Ok thanks.


WFO Chadwick run the weekend of the 20th in March.

WFO TRAILRIDERS Chadwick discussion. It's a go for the weekend of March 19th through 22nd. I will try to get Friday off and a WFO Trailrider says he will be there Thursday.

I will be coming in Thursday night .

National Recreation Reservation Service (NRRS)



030, Loop C

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