2000 JR 50

I have a JR 50 with pipe restrictor and 2nd pilot jet removed. I also drilled some holes in the air box. I am having issues with it cutting out over every bump or tight corner. I have adjusted the float several times and can't seem to figure this out. It's starts and idles but if you shake it then it cuts out. Any suggestions on where to start next are appreciated. The air screw is roughly 1.5 turns out.


I still can't get this right? Any ideas?

Get a new needle valve that sounds like it could be the problem and if it isnt then its electric. But i would put my money on funky electrics somewhere affecting ignition check for loose or exposed wires if you find nothing pick up a new cdi and other ignition electrics and try them.

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Replacing the needle valve worked. Thanks!

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