Stuck oil pump screws

On both my xr200r and my old xl125 the oil pump screws are stuck. Dad went out and tried my xr200r and ended up stripping them. Is there any special way to take them out?


In the past 6 months or so, I've encountered 8 or so flathead Philips screws in awkward semi-accessible positions, with the absolute grip of death on the surrounding metal.  Sound familiar? :)


All 8 came right out, using the same techniques.  My screws' Philips slots were in good shape, but if they weren't I would've used a small hammer and flat-faced punch to re-form them back as close to original (they should be replaced after removal, obviously).  I heat the screw really hot with a small heat gun, select the exactly-correct Philips bit for each size screw head (critical!), then use an electric impact gun pressed down super hard on the screw head and giving it short blasts on the trigger.(7 screws) or a handheld impact wrench and small sledgehammer (1 screw).  The handheld impact wrench deformed the screw head a bit, the gun did not.


I got these tools because I was tired of stripping and snapping off screw heads.  I wish I had done it 20 years earlier. :D



Thank you for the advice. But I forgot to say I have a Special screw driver. Put the bit in and hit it with a hammer and it turns it a little break the locktite to come out easy.


Another thing you may not know as I found out a while back. Those phillips head screws are not actually phillips. They are JIS which stands for Japanese Industrial Standard heads. They are a little different than phillips. You can buy the screwdrives I think from Snap-On, or do a google search. They are out there.

OK thanks for the info. Now I will probably order a set from snap on or where ever has them

BTW, the "special" screwdrver is called a hand impact driver.

If you suspect a fastener is loc-tited, use a soldering iron to heat the head of the screw a bit before using any other method to twist it out. Heat causes the loc-tite to release for a short while. Obviously, you've got to work pretty quick because what ever it's screwed into is probably a very good heat sink.


I find myself using a hammer and chisel to remove stuck fasteners quite a bit.


I've even welded other bolts to the head of a bolt in an effort to remove it, only to have that bolt break.

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