Flywing MX100/PW80 - any way to lift/ make it a little taller? suspension


Won't get into too many details, but I recently acquired a 2004 flywing mx100.  despite all of the negative things i have read and heard about these bikes, I was pleasantly surprised after I got it back together and rode it. its pretty fast and handles great!  Even my local parts guy took it for a ride and it kind of 'shut him up' about all the trash talking he did while he was supplying me PW80 parts.  (The PW80 manual and diagrams pretty much are spot on with the flywing)


Now with that said,has anyone been able to lift one to make it taller?  would like to get at least 3-4 inches (hopefully more)...  i dont mind putting some money into it if its gonna get me what i want.  prefer not a whole lot of welding, just was kind of hoping for maybe a different swingarm, forks, etc.. any specific parts that might get me a little height?


any help would be appreciated, and if its a longshot then I will prob just end up getting rid of it.  I have seen a couple PW80 mods on this site that were pretty extensive and I dont know if I am up for major projects on this thing


thanks in advance for any advice!




3-4 inches is a ton to lift on a bike. Probably isn't worth it, could make the handling a bit twitchy as its tall on a small wheel base. Might work, but probably have to weld stuff.

U can swap the forks out to lift the front,and add a extended swing arm in the rear,or get a heavy duty shock off ebay.

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