Exhaust Dyno Results?

Has anyone ever done an exhaust shootout with dyno results on any of the new KTM F&I bikes? My background is racing sport bikes and the info was readily available on the different pipes. Looking for hard dyno tuned numbers not just seat of the pants.

We built and raced a 585hp turbo Hayabusa that spent a lot of time on the dyno to make sure the tune was spot on and knew exactly what products did what on that bike. I am now the proud owner of a 2013 450 XCR and want to start modifying it. Thanks for any help the dealer wasn't very useful with any knowledge on true performance upgrades

Also what is the real world difference between the Power Bomb header and Mega Bomb?

Bestdualsport.com has dump results. Some are contradictory though

Dam phone dyno

I cant believe the Exhaust companies don't tell you what they gain and show dyno graphs for proof.

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