Fuel in fuel tank bubbling - brief ride

Took a very brief ride (5 minutes around the neighborhood ).

Stopped & noticed this:

Is it normal?

2015 KTM 500 EXC 6 Days

Looks like vibes! I initially though you meant....like boiling! Yikes!  KTM's probably got a fuel anti-turbulence kit available for $2-3 thou!  :rolleyes:

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Yeah, just looks like it's from the vibrations to me.

Yeah, just looks like it's from the vibrations to me.

Normal 500 vibration....keeps the fuel fresh.

i was thinking vibe's also until he walked around  to the other side

  doesn't it look like it was only on 1 side ??   maybe the tank angle from being on the stand explains that ?

Turn the bike off and see if it continues for a second or two. If so, then it's boiling, if not then it's just the vibes.

good idea


even if it could be done on that particular bike

i think it would take a long time to boil that much fuel specially in a plastic tank

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Hi guys

I think it stopped when I turned it off.

It does look like vibration.

It was indeed only on one side.

The side tilted towards the stand.

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