84 xt 250 with a 90 xt 350 motor

Canyou put a 90 xt motor 350 in a 84 250 xt frame. I have in there already a 86 motor. I want to do this because the 90 is kick and electric. I was wondering if bthe motor mounts are the same and room for the starter thanks

All model years of the XT-350 have kickstart only.

The bike with a similar engine (not exactly the same, but similar) with electric start was the 1987 SRX-250T street bike.

Well this one is a 1990 xt 350 with electric and kick

I'd love to see a pic of it.

Craiglist under motorcycles central nj put in xt in search and there it is for 650 bucks

I know there was a guy who I worked with and he had both electric an kick and it was blue. But this one iis on craiglist so I want bto put that moter in my 250 frame 1984.

I also have a xt 600 1990 and it is lelctric only but there is a hole on the side of the motor that says kick start and there is a plug . Maybe on that 350 1990 therewas a option and or was a kit you can purchase to instal for it

Post the Craigslist link.

I'm curious to see this bike.



Never mind.

I just read your post above that with the info to find it.


Edit #2:

The guy is either full of it or clueless.

No electric start on that fine unit.

The battery is to power the lights with the engine stopped, as required by DOT regs, and the battery's small size reflects that requirement.

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Ok I did emailed him so we will see also I did work with a guy who had a electric xt 350 90 and his was blue

Sure thing.


Have the Craigslist guy send you close-up pics of the engine from both sides.

there used to be a kit offered by Yamaha to make the xt350 e-start.  I am wishing now I had bought one as knees are getting bad.  it was worth $2000.00 Canadian at the time.


if it is the 4 valve xt250,  then yes it should bolt right in there.

yes it is a 4valve 250.

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