Sparkplug removal?


I'm new to this forum and a new wr450f owner from Sweden.

Maybe someone here have a good answer to this question.

I have tried to remove the sparkplug on my wr450f - 2003.

After stripping it of the side covers, saddle and tank I was finally able to reach the ignition coil/sparkplug cap.

I disconnected the wires and tried to lift it up only to find that it wont clear the frame. Am I supposed to remove the whole engine just to check the condition of the sparkplug? Or is it some step that I have missed?

When I read the service manual it doesn't say anything about sparkplug removal procedure which indicates that it must be easy. I also searched this forum for clues but none were to be found.

It is tight but just bend it to the side and it will come out.

Thanks, it's always easier when someone tells you how it is supposed to be done. I was afraid to break something by using to much force. Now I know that it was the force that was missing.

use a bigger hammer man

I had exactly the same problem the first time.

I didn't want to break the cap/coil assembly and didn't want to apply too much pressure.

I've got an old spark plug wire off my truck and I use that to reach down in there and pull the damn plug outta that black hole!!!

Also, there is a small water drain hole on the RH side of the head, before you pop out that plug, give a shot of compressed air (if its available) to blow out any dirt in the plug well and to clear the drain if its clogged too. My WR came with a special spark plug socket just for plug removal. As for the wire, it took a little massaging it sideways, it came right out.

let the force be with you. :)

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