Shifter Shaft Seal

Does anyone have a part numer either OEM or aftermarket for the seal that is on the shift shaft? Mine has the slow leak that seems common one there things. I have read you can only get it by buying a large OEM gasket set but hoping there is another option. Thanks in advance.


For a 2001 XR400R

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We don't know what bike you're talking about.

I suggest you stop reading wherever you saw that you need to buy a whole seal set. Google Honda motorcycle parts, choose one of the hundreds of results you will get, and look up the part in the diagrams. It's probably a $3 part that you will pay $10 for shipping, so buy some other stuff while you are there. Xr400s are decent bikes, but far from perfect or bulletproof-- that seal will be the least of your worries over time. By the way it's part #91202-965-003 at $3.57

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The numbers you need are on the seal face. Three numbers, inside diameter, outside diameter & width. Most automotive parts shop should be able to help you out or a bearing supplier, worst case, genuine honda which includes honda price mark up.

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