cam chain tensioner altering flywheel timing

Looking for some advice on an issue I am having with the cam chain tensioner/flywheel timing. After adjusting my valves and reinstalling the cam I set the flywheel marks inbetween the mark on the case while aligning the lines on cam gear horizontally with the head. The issue arises when I install cam chain tensioner (with it fully retracted) and torqued , slowly releasing the tensioner (putting tension on the chain) rotates the cam gear clockwise and the fly wheel marks do not line up. I have tried many different teeth and combinations, never able to get all marks to line up after tensioning chain. Timing is perfect after cam is torqued with no tension on chain.

Could a worn, stretched cam chain be what is causing this? I appreciate any help, have taken the cam in and out 15 times and different settings and cannot get flywheel marks to line up upon tensioning of the chain. Thanks for any help!

Without knowing how old or worn the chain is, yes it could be the cause of the marks not lining up.


One way to do a quick check to get a general idea of how worn the timing chain is with the engine assembled is, with the engine at TDC(marks aligned), remove the center bolt from the tensioner and then retract the tensioner all the way back until it stops, then slowly release some of the pressure on the screwdriver and watch how many turns the screwdriver makes until it stops rotating indicating the tensioner is against the chain guide. 


Ive found with a new chain the screwdriver will only turn in or CCW less than 1 turn, while a worn chain can cause it turn almost 2 turns. This is a way to do a quick check and yes there are a few things that can influence the number of turns you have but overall this a good way to get an idea about how much chain wear you have.

Yes, either a worn cam chain, camshaft sprock, crank sprocket or left side crank bearing will cause those symptoms. I would start by taking of the flywheel cover and physically checking if the crank bearing has any play.

The 2nd left-side flywheel mark will be aligned with the case notch when the piston is at TDC, that's when you can see if the cam is properly timed.

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^Thanks Eddie that insight was so helpful!

^to the other guys that actually read my post and provided quality information. Thank you very much, going to pull the flywheel cover and see what's good!

^Thanks Eddie that insight was so helpful!

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