Rear shock question

Does anyone know if a stock xr650l rear shock requires a shock spring compressor to install the spring? I just rebuilt the shock and the spring won't fit. I can't remember if I had to wind the preload collars all the way off when I took it off....


Nobody... I'm surprised!

No, I have removed numerous springs and never used a spring compressor on a 650l or 600r. You will have to unscrew  the collars all the way, just make sure you pull the shaft all the way out from the housing before you start. Look at a fische diagram or manual to see the order of the retaining rings/collars. I believe they will only work one way though. I found that if you grab the spring and collar at the same time, you can really screw it down before you start needing the spanner wrench to set preload, then use the lock ring when you have the preload set. The spanner is not fun and every turn you can save is a plus.


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Thanks Tom. This is definitely strange though. I will take your advise and look at some microfiche to check my install. I replaced the seal head and it has a slightly different height but not enough to change the length.

If the overall extended length is the same as original, you should have no problem.

I'm actually wondering if someone swapped the spring. I am definitely installing everything correctly but spring is about 4mm past the treads meaning I need to compress the spring to get the preload collars started.... sigh!

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