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Nice put a helmet on.

Not like they're going to get any dumber, so I say continue on with out one!

Gracias, will do a helmet next time

Gracias, will do a helmet next time

Yea we don't want to see you or anyone get hurt.. it's a cool stunt but there aren't that many shots of how many times it doesn't work .. I see the pic but don't enjoy it as much thinking about bad scenarios.. take care.. 


Look at this mess.. at look how fast and quick the damage came..This guy could have hurt himself worse too.. the neck spine protocol was thrown out the door..It makes sense for some one to know about what to do when someone gets hurt.. neck/spine stabilization went out the job.. and he could have been a quad.. what a mess.  Dirt bikes are bad enough but the road bikes are heavy with more power and speed..and the hard road to hit..

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