Have You Ever Thought This? (help related)

Did you ever think along these lines when seeing a post on here:


Someone posts for help with a bike or problem you are quite knowledgeable on and would be glad to help them out in person, but they are very far away?

Yup. I wish I could help more but I do try. I drove to Phoenix once just to help a TT member split the cases on his KX250.

Many times. Thats why when I see they are in Michigan I immediately ask where in the state...Its always a great feeling to help people.

Too many times to count, It's frustrating trying to either diagnose some ones problem over the net, or trying to explain to them what it is they need to do to fix it. It's even worse when your trying to help and people are giving wrong advice. 


And lets not forget the times I feel like hitting someone in the face with a service manual, lol.

I try. I've sent people parts and tires to try things without major costs.

I find the problem is a lot of people will PM me on what to do, I'll give them a suggestion... And then they go do the complete opposite because that's what the guy at the shop said...kinda frustrating!

The kids on here. The ones who's fathers are obviously clueless (or worse, the ones who don't support the kid's interest at all) when it comes to mechanical things. Is always so much better to be able to show someone how to set their chain slack, adjust their air screw, coach them through changing a tire, etc.. than it is to try to explain such on a message forum. But.. 1000 miles away, so we do the best we can with a keyboard. :thumbsup:

KDX you and anybody else are welcome to come up and "help" me with my projects in Colorado and and after we can go riding here at 13,000 feet  (during the summer).


You buy the plane ticket, and I will buy the different jets for high altitude.  :)


AWESOME picture!!




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