Would a carb from an 03 crf450 fit on a 06 crf450?

I have a 2006 crf450 which I'm having carb issues. I did have it at the shop and the guy said he soaked it for 2 days. Then re installed it. But since I got it back. It doesn't idle worth crap. I took it back and the mechanic played around with the air fuel screw but didn't really seem to make a difference. I tinkered with it when I took it out and it just wants to stall when I come to a stop. Which made me almost wipeout! So I was just thinking to put in another carb from an 03 450?

Maybe a carb rebuild?

So any help would be appreciated

Your mechanic sounds like a retard who doesnt know what he's doing. Your better off sticking with your 06 carb, if it doesnt idle there is something wrong with your pilot jet/pilot passages/fuel screw setting. Put in a new pilot jet, and ensure all the passages are clean and clear. Do a search, there is plenty of threads on how to fix this.

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What did he soak it in for 2 days? The carb body is 2-piece and is sealed together with a gasket and it is not meant to ever come apart. I have never seen or heard of someone soaking the carb for 2 days in anything but I certainly would warn against it if someone asked.


It may not have done any harm but ya never know...


An 03 carb will fit and is almost the exact same carb. Almost. The early model carbs did have some issue's with bogging that were resolved with a wire or an o-ring mod for the accelerator pump, Here is the mod   http://www.gldsmc.org/public/Professor_Redbeard_450_AP_Mod.pdf

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Did anyone ever reset the idle speed? I mean, if they took the carb completely apart, when reassembled, the slide is going to close to zero. If you dont lift the slide with the idle speed adjustment, it'll never idle.


Soaking the carb for two days is not a big deal, unless they soaked it in pinesol or some damn thing that actually will disolve the carb body.

shawn I thought pinesol was a good thing for carbs? non corrosive on rubber and brass, aluminum ?

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