Yz426f trail bike ?

So I just picked up a 2002 yz426, I got a really good deal on it but I'm having some issues with it as it goes for trail riding. For example ... It's like a God damn wild animal and just wants to go all the time!.. I've been reading about ppl getting a higher tooth sprocket for more torque and since my problem is too much of it I was wondering how low I should go ? Currently I have a 52t rear and I think a 14 front not sure about that one though ... I would prefer to only replace one to keep things on the cheap.

The front sprocket would be the cheapest to replace although it's recommended to be doing chain and sprockets at the same time. Not sure if your cases have the clearance for a 15 front. Double check your not running a 13 now.

I have the same bike as you and same gearing setup. First, I'd say get a 50 tooth rear sprocket on it. Should be like $100 or less. And your supposed to replace all the the sprockets and chain at once. And if your riding trails, try and get a higher pressure coolant cap. (Like $10) so your bike won't over heat. I have a 1.6 in mine now. (They're usually 1.1 stock) hope this helps.

K I didn't order the sproket this time around I will just get both and a chain next order. And I must have at least a 1.6 in now I would think cuz I just had it out for a 5 hour ride in at least 30° weather and didn't have a single boil over

Alright. Cause I know mine would over heat at 23 degrees or so. If you get a 50 in the rear let me know how it works! Good luck!

I've had the best trail results with a 13/52T on my 426.

Bottom line is your going to have to do A LOT of clutch work in the slower stuff. This bike wasn't designed to go slow. A rekluse clutch is a fix for this, but is quite expensive. A flywheel weight also helps, but they are hard to come by.

Your going to have to learn to tame the beast! I really enjoy mine. Have fun!

Do any of you guys find the clutch pull on the 426 really heavy ? On my last ride I was switching up with an 02 ktm520 exc ( hydraulic clutch ) maybe the ktm being easy was throughing me off but I found toward the end of the ride I was stalling more Wich I attributed to my hand being tired.

Front sprockets wear faster than the rear and replacing them will extend the life of your chain. I've seen it myself on my dr650.

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