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94 CR250 Possible Stator issue?

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Hey there guys,

Im new here pacifier.gif, so hello everyone and I hope to learn allot from you guys rockout.gif

Guys, I just bought a CR250 about a month ago that had two stripped out head studs so it was barely starting and it was blowing out (whistling) compression at the top lol... I took it apart and noticed the two stripped out studs closest to the radiator.. I also noticed that the piston had been replaced not too long ago (Still looks NEW) and that was kind of some good news I guess.. 

The sleeve looks ok with a few signs of wear but I think still ok for one piston or so I guess... anyways, so I took it apart and got the two studs out and go two new studs machined in. I ordered a gasket set online and got the top end back together in no time, all hoping to see this baby fired up... well I ran into a few issues... after putting her back together I noticed these guys put the PV crow clamps and links and stuff back in wrong... so I had to re-position the PV drive shaft and set it all back together right... I got the motor back together and left the inspection cap open to see the L and H indicator and confirmed that the PV does open as the revs go up and yes it does move from L to H... but long story short... the bike now starts, it runs but wont rev up over a certain rpm... and then after like 3 min the bike just dies as if you remove the plug wire... sometime it will start up immediately and almost instantly die again..., other times it will struggle to start again and after you leave it for a while, it fires up again and then the process all over...

I have Burnt out the carbon from the exhaust so that is cleaned ,the PV is clean.... the bike's top end has been redone not too long ago so it has good compression... I can see that the Power valve does open as the indicator moves from L to H when revved.. the Carb has been cleaned and I even swapped the carb from another cr250 (89 model) that is running perfect and still no change... 

what do you think?

Could someone maybe tell me how much should the resistance be on the stator and is that the same for all bikes of all cr250's? 

And does anyone suspect anything else? I can upload a video that I took for a friend for some advice, if needed... but let me know what you think please.

Oh and btw.. how much vibration can come from the top engine mount not being installed? I ask this as I got the bike with no top engine mount and the bike has reasonably more vibration to it when running than the 89 model I had...

thanks in advance everyone...

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