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Possible buyer of a 2001 rm125

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I may be going to buy a 2001 rm125 soon. Can I just know some things I need to look for?


Here's the ad. It provides no info besides "runs good" but that isn't exactly trustworthy because its craigslist. From the other picture I got from the guy, it has a stock pipe and looks basically all stock. His asking price is what I have but I don't want to spend it all just Incase I need to put a little money in it. Just wondering what you guys would pay for it.

My questions are-

What should I ask before I go

What should I check when I go see it

And then price depends on what I find out, but what would be good as of now

I'm 15 and this is my second bike. My first one was a 2000 rm125. I sold it and bought a quad(stupid idea). I've been riding my friends 2001 kx125 lately and I want a bike again. Sold the quad today and I'm ready to get back on two wheels. I think its a good bike for me. I'm 6' and 145 lbs.

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