Winter Riding - Gear and tires?

I got a set of E wheels for my SM and I'm determined to ride through the winter this year. I like in Rochester, NY where the winters are bad and we get lots of snow. My commute is about 7 minutes through the outskirts of my small city, and occasionally I go 30 minutes down the highway to my parents' homes'.


I know I'm going to need heated gear, at least gloves, maybe a vest, but I'm going to start with just gloves. Any recommendations?

I need good tires for the snow, and the wet street, because it snows a lot but if it's not snowing the plows usually do a god job. I'm thinking a dual sport/trials tire would be better than DOT knobbies, any recommendations?


The E wheels I have have a set of cracked up ice racing tires on them. There's a river straight from my house to my university that I'd love to fly down when it freezes, but I can't have the ice spikes in on the street, and the rubber has gone to shit so...


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