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946 - 50 = 896 ... right!? Trans Oil Mystery

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While changing the trans fluid on my 2006 CRF250X something happened that i just can not explain:


1.  drained old fluid

2.  poured in all but 50ml  (oops - too much)  plan was to put ~800 to 825ml in the trans

3.  bottle is 32oz (946ml)

4.  opened fluid level check bolt (on right side of case) expecting around 150 ml of fluid available to drain


5.  only a small dribble comes out of the check hole.


What gives??  My CRF is acting like my 401K did back around 2007.


i estimate i put in about 900ml.  this is well over the 750ml that i would expect the check hole to leak at.


Anyone else ever experience something similar to this?


Seeing as fluid is not gushing out of the check hole i'm tempted to pour in the remaining 50ml and be done with it.

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I've had similar experiences changing trans fluid.  If you remove the clutch cover more oil comes out, if you lean the bike left more oil drains out, etc.  

Next to the level check plug on the engine it says "750cm3", but the manual says ".69l" capacity and ".66l" at change; go figure.  So add oil until it overflows the check hole.  Make sure the bike is vertical (not on side stand) and slowly add the last bit of oil until you see some overflow.

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 Also note that your supposed to run the bike for three minutes, then let it site for three minutes.  If your not doing this, your not doing it correctly.


 This distributes the oil within the transmissions, and will giver you the correct amount of oil out of the check hole.


 and BTW, I would not use the check hole, but the large hole to fill.  The check hole strips out too easily. 


  Measure the proper amount, then pour it in and call it done.



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all seems to be good now.  I do use the FILL hole to pour in fluid ( not the check hole).


I've never gone by the check hole but just measured fluid and dumped in.  Just happened this time that i knew i put too much in and still barely came out of the check hole.


after running the bike and checking by removing check hole bolt i did get fluid pouring out like i would have expected.


thanks for responses.

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I never bother with either the tiny fill hole or the check hole. I use the timing cover. I always measure out the fluid and can't get to where I've got it noted right now, but I always slightly overfill vs what the manual calls for due to an issue Honda had back in like 05 or something. Anyway, the volume I use ends up just  below the level of the timing cover when its open. The timing cover is the approx 2"  round cover on right side of case that takes a big allen to unscrew it.


I simply use a Honda tranny fluid bottle (i.e one with a straight spout integrated into the lid) and squirt the fluid in the hole. Its easy to see whats going on and takes a fraction of the time the stupid fill hole takes. Fill to just below overflowing (if you didn't measure fluid, make sure bike is level), put the cap back on (torque it (it has a very low torque, so don't overdo it)) and done. No fuss, no muss.

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