Help save Mx Park!! If you ride must read!!!

** LEGAL ALERT ** - January 22, 2004

Criminal Charges Threaten Park's Existance

High Voltage Mx Park needs your help and this is serious!

Criminal charges are being filed for Criminal / Public Nuisance; Yes, criminal charges!

The district attorney is involved and is trying to close down the park. Your tax dollars are being wasted for my neighbors to do this and it is costing the track thousands. The township approved our mx park, there were no zoning or ordinance problems. Previously, there was a go-cart track on the same property (Just a little history of township/area). I am asking everyone to help and support us by writing letters to the County Commissioners, State Reps, etc.

Track owners, please, if you have ever gone through a similar situation please send e-mail to... Any helpful information would be greatly appreciated.

Did you know there is a state law (PA crimes code 6504 Criminal / Public Nuisance) that could essentially shutdown any business? If they are successful in shutting High Voltage down, it becomes case law and could result in the closing of countless race facilities regardless of grandfather laws, zoning laws etc. AGAIN, this is a state law.

We have spoken with the AMA, and this is the first time they have ever heard of a case like this due to the criminal aspect of it. So, please, write/send a letter, SPREAD THE WORD and help save the track. Try explaining (in a nice way) the family-oriented aspects of the sport, the desire and dedication that it takes, stress how it keeps kids (your kids) off the street and how it allows them to ride in a controlled (safe) environment. Mention the economic value it brings to the area and STRESS what a terrible waste of tax dollars it is to tie-up the courts with unnecessary cases like this one. Let them know that, come election time, we will remember those who help us, etc... Please send letters and be polite to all of the following addressees and again please take the time to give them your opinion. HELP SAVE HIGH VOLTAGE MX PARK!

Send letters to:

Armstrong County Commissioners

450 East Market St

Kittanning, Pa 16201

Attn: Rich Fink, Patty Kirpatrick, James Scahill

State Represenative: Jeff Coleman

900 Fourth Ave

Ford City, Pa 16226

State Senator: Don White

101 Market St. Kittanning, Pa 16201

Send copy of letter to:

High Voltage Mx Park

RD2 Box 247

Ford City Pa, 16226

Thank you for your time and please help us to spread the word. Feel free to post the above info to get everyone involved! Thank you, HVMXP.

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