ktm 380exc wont start!

hey so i put my 380 away running and pulled it out a few weeks later and it wont start. it turns over still. i took off the carb and cleaned it, put in a new spark plug, new air filter. i checked the reed valves to and there like new. there is also loads of comprerssion. i have no idea what the problem is and need help

Hard to say.  First I'd check for spark.  But before that here's my drill after letting a bike sit and not having it start up.


Turn fuel on.  Lay bike on the ground.  Let fuel drool all over .  Stand bike up.  Put in gear, like 3rd. Rock back and forth causing the piston to move several times.  Put in neutral, choke on and kick.  Should start right up.


Other issue is the exhaust clear?

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It's a 2T so it should be pretty cut and dry. It's a NEW new plug, right? Are you getting spark? Maybe the CDI decided to just quit. How did you check compression? With a gauge or the old "feels like it's got compression" method? Have you verified that fuel is getting to the carb? Is it also passing through the carb? Is the fuel old? You said the reeds are good so make sure your air screw is at a factory recommended setting and you should be good. If this all checks out get it to the top of a big hill and bump start it. I had a '97 300 EXC and it would run like a bear until the plug just wouldn't fire anymore and then it would just quit. Good luck.

Other issue is the exhaust clear?

Good point. Has something decided to nest in there during your down time?

the spark is strong thats the first thing i tested. i havnt checked the exhaust, there was a nest in my airbox so i will check that forsure now! thanks

I have a Ktm 85sx 2009 model it has no spark. When I bought it it had almost no compression so I replaced the piston ring. Then it no longer had a spark so I replaced the spark plug but it still had no spark. I borrowed a coil from a Ktm 65 and put it in and it still has no spark. What could be the problem? Please Help.

No spark could be a bad CDI or a bad stator but I'd start by looking for a bad connection.

Thanks I looked for a bad connection seems to be all good but I hav moved the fly wheel closer to the sensor but still no spark

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We still talkin about the 380??

I think it's the stator cause I checked ohm and kicked it over and the stator was dead

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