Rear break stops working

So I ride woods on my 2009 rmz 450. While out riding the other day I stopped to take a break. Just a couple minutes. When I started back up I had zero back brake. As I headed back to the house it started working agin. When I got back I Checked to see if I was low and topped it off . Had it happen agin today. I assume the fluid has broke down and I just need to flush it out and replace with new . Just curious if it could be anything else?

I have had the same issue especially after long downhill. I flush mine it still does it occasionally and it is annoying. Let me know if you get this figured out

Sounds like you have air in there or you have boiled them

Defiantly think I am boiling them. Lots of corners and hard breaking. Just never been an issue before. 60 hrs on same fluid. Guessing that's why they boil easier now. I will change it and see if that fixes problem. Also if brake pads are thinner will they transfer heat faster ? Seems right to me.

Yeah definitely, brake fluid that old will have a lot of water in it

Fresh brake fluid will probably take care of it. I had the exact same issue off the showroom floor. I replaced it with some of the good stuff (Motul RBF 660) and have had zero issues since. Just flush the system and replace a few times a year.

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