Shim valves 2003 CRF 450?

I just checked my valve clearances. The stock specs for my intake and exhaust valves are: Intake .006 +or- .001. Exhaust .011 +or- .001.

My specs are: Intake right side:.006, Intake Left side:.004

                       Exhaust Right side:.015 and Left side: .012


I was surprised to see my exhaust valves with more clearance than the stock specs. Should I bother with re-shimming the valves or do you think that I could wait until later?

                                                                                                Thanks for the help.

Well its out of spec. So it needs reshimming sooner or later. Wont hurt it running it in the mean time, if thats what ur asking.

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I was just wondering because I know that when they get really hard to start the intake valves are usually at zero. Since my Left side intake is slightly out of adjustment I didn't know if I had to adjust or if I could run it like it is. Also is in unusual for the exhaust valves to have more clearance than what the manual states. On my right side myh clearance is 4 thousandths more than what the manual states.

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