93 yz 80 crank bearings out

I am new to this page and im wondering what to do with my yz 80.  I have a 1993 yz80 with a big bore.  Last week I was riding it, and the engine locked up.  So I tore it down and figured my conecting rod bearings were bad, and the con rod is hitting the bottom of the case.  I was trying to sell it before and know the value of an 80 is around 600.  So im wondering should i rebuild the bottom end, sell as is, part it out, or put an engine that wasnt meant for this frame.  I've also found a yz 80 engine on ebay for $135.  And if i were to rebuild what tools would I need.  Ive done alot of top end rebuilds before, but not bottom end.  I believe i need a tool to pull apart the case but I am not sure.  Any help or thoughts is much appreciated.

Part it out. You can buy a good running 85 that is 10 years newer for 900.00

Ok thanks. About how much you think I could get for it total.

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