What to do

I want to build a super but not sure what route to go except HONDA what should I think about doing

I like the size and weight of my xr400

It has taken a lot of time and money to convert, it may not be easy to find one converted, but it will save a lot of $ to do so.

I love that xr, and don't miss the e-start for what I use it for, it is just a fun bike.

The dzr-e 400 is said to be good if you need a starter..

The only issues I have had is a 12v charging system, I have a 200watt ricky stator installed and blow normal rectifiers like a fuse, make sure your bike has a mosfet rectifier.. You don't want your 12v to stop working on the streets. The fh020aa is the best rectifier/regulator out now and comes on some 2013+ yamaha r1 and yzf and can be bought new also good luck..

Crf250x or 450x would be the way to go in my opinion.

KTM450SMR already to gooooo :D

Dang pricey but what else would you expect lol

Dang pricey but what else would you expect lol

There's one for sale on Orange County craigslist for 4500 ;) Yes the OC California hehe




I LOVED my mildly built XR650L motard (pic). 10.5/1 piston, hot cam, full FMF exhaust. Ripped! Not that far off XR650R I had before it, but magic button.

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