Carpal tunnel and disk problems

Hey Guys,

I'm an old motohead looking for some advice/experience.

I've been battling a bulging disc issue between the C5/C6 vertebra in my neck for the better part of 12 years. It's been painful but mostly manageable. I have an inversion table, pneumatic cervical collar, tense unit and hot tub that I have used to try and stay on top of it.

Recently the numbness in my right arm and BOTH hands has gotten markedly worse. So my doc sent me for a nerve conductivity test and it turns out I'v developed Carpal Tunnel in both hands that seems to be compounding the issue with my neck. The thinking is to do the Carpal Tunnel surgery and see were that leaves me with my neck. Hopefully I can put a fusion off a bit longer. Aside from experimental stem cell treatments, a fusion seems to be my only option with my neck and I've been trying to stay away from that as long as possible.

My questions are:

1) Any experience with carpal tunnel and moto? Are pump has been impossible since this started. To the point I'm scared to race. Just can't hang on to the bars.

2) If I HAVE to do the fusion am I nuts to still ride? Any studies as to how strong that is really gonna be and what impact it has on flexibility? I've broke my neck/back a couple of times. Minor compression fracture stuff but it's still scary to think about the what ifs with a chunk of bone/plates and screws holding my spine together.

Any help is appreciated. Just frustrated and looking for reassurance.

A carpal tunnel release in mnds will restrict riders from riding on the first weekend after their surgery.

By the second weekend, 50 percent will ride, and probably all after the second weekend.

A single level cervical discectomy/fusion will not disqualify anyone from anything. The usual return is by 4 months. A one level disk and fusion will not cause any appreciable loss of motion.

Edited by DrMark

Thanks DrMark! Good to hear some positive stuff.

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