3k Mile Trip across Alaska on... a 230? hell yea!

yep myself and two other guys on a 225 and a 250 with myself on a the 230 are headed across Alaska starting saturday the 2nd. Don't worry i've already head how crazy this is. But why the hell not?! we're taking two weeks and camping out the whole way there. Temps between 70 and 30 with typical inclimate AK weather! I'm getting pumped just thinking about it! Anyway Where i have wifi i'll be posting pics either here or on an official trip thread. PLEASE feel free to give me 230/road trip advice. The bike is 98% done. i just have to rejet it hopefully tomorrow and throw my tires on. 983648_10201901475474694_4904077565105413024_n.jpg

Don't know what gearing you have but I'm using 14X38 sprockets.

If you are loaded with a lot of weight it wont work for you. Gear + rider cant be over 200lbs.

I'll be loaded down. i have stock gearing and stock sized tires. 

Trip went great. Only one electrical hiccup. Ignition switch wire was rubbing on the headlight housing and shorted the main system out. Got a tow to the honda dealership in Wasilla where we stayed overnight and resolved it in the morning. With about 80lbs of gear on the tail she did great! Ran 50-70 mph most of the time depending on conditions and head winds. That was balls to the wall. Glad to say we made it to deadhorse and back. I'll probably write up a longer trip report later for anyone wanting to do the ride.

I would love to hear this trip report...

Me too.... would love to see some pics and hear the details. 

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