Another XR600 Rebuild

Firstly I would like to thank everyone who posts questions and answers on these forums, it has been of great help during my recent rebuild. This is the first time I have had a mechanical project and with the help of these forums and a service manual it all went well. I have a couple of mates that I met overseas that are interested in seeing the progress of my XR600 rebuild so I thought I would start a thread.


1993 XR600, 30,000klm, it was a bit rough but was good enough to get a roadworthy certificate with a new chain slider and bleeding the rear brakes.


Strip and taken back to bare metal.


After 2 coats of primer and 4 coats of matte black enamel it starts to get built up.


I have a small shed so I wanting to be able to put the bike in a shipping container out of the way while I rebuilt the engine. I gave everything a good clean and painted parts as I put them on and it was ready to go into the container.


I began pulling the engine down and found some scoring in the cylinder and piston.


Everything else looked in good shape.


I decided to order a new 98mm (1mm oversize) piston kit, full gasket kit, and seal kit for the rebuild.


I am not usually one to worry too much about how a bike looks but I was waiting for parts anyway so I decided to blast the engine and give it a coat of high temp primer and high temp paint.


After having the cylinder bored and honed and receiving the parts for the rebuild, I began to reassemble.


A new seat cover and a couple of stickers and it was ready to kick over.


I had some trouble and couldn't get it started. I started to troubleshoot and electrical was fine and I had spark. I was still getting nothing and readjusted the carby settings but I was doubtful it was fuel as it didn't even sound like it wanted to start. I checked the valve clearances again in case it was holding an exhaust valve open. When I was doing the right exhaust valve clearance I notice the position of the decompression arm. I had not had enough freeplay in the cable adjustment and it was holding the decompression lever on slightly. After readjusting it it started second kick. Just waiting on 15/45 sprockets and a new oring chain and it is ready to go. Next project is making some budget panniers and keeping and eye out for a long range fuel tank and then I'll be set.



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