yamaha wr200

i have a 1997 yamaha wr200. it runs but is a little rough around the edges, i am wondering wether parts like the chain, sprockets, brake pads, exhaust systems, gear lever, brake pedals, seat covers, clutch components, engine parts, ect... ect. i dont know the previous service history of the bike, would it be worth doing a full top and bottom ends and clutch rebuild? 



Without knowing the previous history of the bike I'd suggest a new piston and see what else is needed. Sure if the bottom is not really tight any more a new crank would also be a good idea. If its worth it? That is for you to decide. I ran a 125 for 2 years it was a 1995 bike and it surely was worth it, for me, to maintain it, do frequent piston changes and such. Selling it with money to retake what I put in? Not possible IMO.

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Like arnego said, the decision is yours to make. They are nice, good running bikes when maintained properly.

i am thinking that i will just pull it all apart and see what needs to be replaced. although i still need to know about the parts that i listed are they likely to be interchangeable? as i am finding it hard to find parts that are listed as 1997 as this bike was only exported to the US in 1992. 

come on guys doesn't anyone know wether the parts are interchangeable?

Interchangable with what? Between a '92 and a '97? Almost assuredly. Yamaha rarely throws out something that works for many models, at least until all inventory has been used up. Then they will upgrade.

thank you. the things that i need right now, are an air filter, chain and sprockets, brake and gear levers, and brake pads. im sorry if im asking stupid questions, i just dont want to go off and buy heaps of parts that wont fit.

No, that's alright. I have a little idea how expensive things are down under!!! You can check out ebay, etc.. and get a first hand look at any parts you need to replace, to see if they look identical to the ones you have. I'm guessing they will all interchange.

All WR200 parts are interchangeable for chain/sprox, filter and gear lever (parts that you listed). All can be had aftermarket. None of these parts are the same as a current gen YZ. The parts might be interchangeable with early YZ/IT stuff, but I don't know it well enough. Sprockets will surely be interchangeable with multiple years and models of IT/YZ

thank you all for your help it is greatly appreciated. 

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