2005 Trx450r wont idle and runs rough


I have no idea what can be causing this. I have to half throttle it to kick start it. And when it starts it doesn't idle. I have to be on the gas the whole time. (It kinda sounds like something is clogged? Its a bogging sound in low rpm's) But when I rev it it seems to clear up. The carb has been cleaned multiple times since this started. Mods are crf can, open air box lid, DG slip on. I'm running a 185 main and 52 pilot I think. Fuel screw is 2 1/2 turns out. Please help I want to ride soooo bad. Also had a new stator installed. Old one busted. Any help is

Have  you adjusted idle up?  If so sounds like you have to pull carb again, sometimes cleaning is not enough, replace all jets and needle not just main and pilot need to be cleaned, What clip on needle,  need to check needle jet for wear, and all passages also diaphragm for tears are the washer spring and oring in correct order on fuel screw.   

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