Mini jumps

I am a newer trail rider, sticking mostly to fire roads and mellow single track. There is one particular single track which has about 25 sweet little two foot jumps on it. I usually ride this trail downhill, which has maybe a 20° pitch, not too steep. Is there a way to have fun on these jumps instead of just rolling over them? I am certainly not at the ability to just race at them and jump but can I goose it on the way up or when my rear tire is on the jump to get a little lift and land the bike flat instead of rolling over them?

Practice practice practice, just be careful it sounds like you know your limits. We really need to know what bike your riding, that makes a huge difference too.

A 2008 YZ 450. I chose this bike because I live in Idaho where we have hundreds of miles of fire roads into Canada and Montana and I wanted the bigger bike for this application. Been on it for a few months and love it. Feel very comfortable on it. I know it is not especially good for single track.

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