kx 65 emulators

Does anyone have first hand experience with them. I am looking to have the suspension redone on my sons bike and wanted to know how they work vs just a standard revalve. all though my son is not super fast he getting to the point where the suspension will help.

No experience, but I do remember discussing a KX 65 fork modification with my suspension guy.  There are no shims or valves in that style fork. 


All the suspension shops can do for a KX 65 fork is to weld the holes shut in the damping rods and redrill them higher up to change the way the fork works.  Helps but I don't know if the cost/benefit is there.


I thought the emulators were a better idea but my boy grew out of the 65, and we weren't doing MX anyway.  They also change your fork preload unless you get the shorter springs to go with them.

Eric, where to begin?


Well, for starters the stock KX65 forks doesn't have any valving- that's what the emulator is for.  They emulate the valving used in the newer, USD cartridge forks on most MX bikes today.  The emulator sits on top of the cartridge tube and will require shortened springs or preload spacer.  The valving stack is built on the emulator.  I've used them in the past on some of my road race bikes that didn't have USD forks like my Hawk GT and SV650.


On USD forks, the valves are built down near the bottom of the fork whereas the emulator will sit more in the middle of the fork.  Without the emulator, there's basically just a simple hole drilled through the side of the cartridge tube that determines compression and damping rates.  Each fork leg usually has a separate function- left leg handles rebound, right leg handles compression.  The emulators require you to drill out the holes on both legs so the oil will flow freely through them and the flow rate is then controlled by the emulator.  If you removed the emulator, the cartridge tubes are then rendered useless.

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