Loving my new 2014 kx250f (pic and video)



First time riding a dirt bike in 5 years, brought my newly purchased kx250f to the track. I am VERY impressed with this bike. I can stay in 3rd gear into most corners, barely use the clutch and it flies right out of the corner, I only use 2nd gear when going on the inside rut of tight corners. In sandy corners the engine powers through it. My old 2003 kx125 would bog like crazy and need to be shifted all the time, this bike actually does make me a better rider.


On the straightaways I even have fun with faster guys by tapping the clutch in 3rd or 4th gear when they try to pass and this thing rockets forward pulling on them, of course I can't keep up the speed and they eventually pass me come corner time hah.


Here is my first video, first half is shot from one side of the track, the second half of the video is from a different part. 



Those are very nice bikes.

We have one, good power and all around performer.

Nice bike. Congrats. 

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