Buffalo peaks area question


I have never been down to this area, mostly ride Northern Colorado. Going to be hooking up with the wife's family down in this area. We will be taking 285, turning off on FS 431 and going to Buffalo peaks trail head. Can anyone give me an idea of how the riding conditions are in this area? What type of trails are right here? I see on the map that 4-mile is just on the other side of the pass, so i am assuming its all good fun terrain, just curious on it. I am sure it isn't as busy as foothills areas like Rampart, which I rarely go to anymore due to the mass of people who use it as a playground. Thanks for any input.

Any researching that I have done in this area just states the roads are open to all vehicles. So to me it sounds like it will be just Fire roads. Specifically FS 433 is where we will be camped off of. Just a few miles in off of 285 taking FS 431 then be at the base of the Buffalo peaks TH. Never been in the area at all, so just looking forward to getting away.

Ok, went there this weekend. Nothing at all to be mentioned about the trails, more of jeep trails over Weston pass. FS 431 dead ends 8 miles in. A bunch of dead end branch roads network out, but nothing too fun. Next time I go there will be just to camp, no bikes.

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