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New bike added to the stable! 250 XCF-W jetting question

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the stars all aligned and I ended up with a 2008 KTM 250XCF-W in between my Hondas and in front of the Suzukis.

Getting ready for her first trip and I have a jetting question. It is supposed to be stock. I pulled the jets and have a 45 pilot and 168 main. Think that means the pilot is not stock ? Not sure what needle is in it but I would guess stock since the 168 is the stock main I believe.

Anyway, going to Colorado, staying at about 9,500 ft and riding up to about 13,500. From posts on here, I am thinking a 162 main but where should the clip be on the needle ? Or is that not the best jet to use ?

SOMEDAY I may end up with the JD kit but not before this trip. Seems like everyone put the JD jetting kit in their KTM's.

thoughts ?

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