Choice between a 2008 CRf 250R or 2007 rmz250



Going to be purchasing one of these bikes later this week and I not sure which one to choose. Both are in excellent conditon and the 2008 CRf 250R says it has a new topend with only 5 hours on it and has tons of after market parts and the 2007 rmz250 is pretty much stock with a few upgrades and says it has done no motor work to it.


Which one would should I chose thank you for your time. I am leaning toward the honda but have never owned a honda and have heard a lot of stories about the top end, but the Honda has a lot of money in upgrades on it. And my buddy's are big on the rmz.


I can get 2008 CRf 250R for $2,200 and the 2007 rmz250 for $2,500


If the Honda owner can provide proof that the top end was re-built 5 hours ago and the bike is in good shape, I would go with it over the RMZ... A 2007 with no motor work will probably need a re-build soon. Also, $2,500 is a bit much for a stock 07 RMZ. 

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