Upgrading Xr200 using xr250 parts

I have a 1988 xr200r and a 1987 xr250r.  I am thinking about using some of the parts that are on the xr250 to upgrade the xr200. This is a backup bike to my 2002 xr250r..  The xr200 was my first bike and I really want to fix it up.   I have read about swapping the front fork and the rear wheel, but was wondering if there is anything else that I should consider using.  Any thoughts?







You can swap out the rear swing arm, which saves ~ 2.25 lbs and extends the rear just a bit.


You just need to shim the shock due to the offset. Mcdirtclod has an excellent photo in this link.




The 87 XR250 has a magnesium rear brake hub, a savings of ~ 1/2 lb. Direct swap. 


18" rear wheel will add weight, so if that is not a factor, it is a direct bolt in from the XR250R with the XR250 swingarm. 


You'll have to use the XR250R rear axle and the XR250R brake return spring and the as well, as the XR200 one is to short. 


Shock spring should work, don't know about stock shock, will leave that one to Chuck. 




Couple of added points:


Keep the axle/swing arms together, you'll see the issue if you mix up the axles.


The 84-85 XR200R/250R, 86-89 XR250R, and 86-02 XR200R all use the same rear hub.


All of the above, plus some other XRs, and a bunch of other Hondas use the same steering head bearings, there are however differences in the height of the steering head between XRs and CRs.


XR250 front end will bolt onto the XR200.


86+ XR250 rear shocks are too long to fit the XR200 chassis


The XR250 swing arm will work by using washers to shim the linkage bolt so its head fit into the left boss on the swingarm.

Thanks for all the great information.  I still have some body parts to track down, paint the frame and will probably need to replace the seals on the forks.  

If I was going to use the SA from the xr250, does anyone know if would need a different size chain than the stock xr200?





What are your sprocket sizes ???


The stock XR 200 comes stock w/ 13 tooth/47 tooth


As a general response, it should be fine. 


In order to take advantage of the XR200R handling you want the axle as close to the front as possible. 


If you do a fair amount of hill climbing then farther to back is probably a better idea. 



Mine is setup stock and I see that they use the same chain.  I just wasn't sure if using them it would change anything if I put the 250 SA on the 200.



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