01 cr250 carb swap to 00cr250 carb

Has anyone ever heard of win cycles? They have what looks like a replica of the 2000 keihin carb (PWK 28) brand new for $130, just wondering if anyone had bought a carb from them and if it's worth it!

Got a link? The 2000 ran a PWK 38mm AS (air striker).

For that price I want one......

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Been wondering the same thing. One you guys needs to be the guinea pig!

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I've been wondering the same thing. I feel mine is pretty dialed in but always hear how much better the Keihins are.

Well just for fun I ordered one today. Hopefully I can tell the difference.

Jetting changes will always make a difference. I just need to hear about the quality of the carb. Thanks.

No thanks. This, like wiseco cranks, namura pistons, and other ebay chinese made junk will stay off my bike.


My life isn't worth saving $40. 

That is not a PWK replica, it is a PJ replica. Like was said above, the Chinese carb replica's are junk.  I bought one to replace a worn out carb on my 1982 atc70 and it lasted about 2 months before it wouldn't work anymore at all.  Spent the proper money on a OEM replacement and the new carb works perfect.  I wouldn't waste my money on this, not even to replace a worn out PJ carb.

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I bought an oem one from Rocky Mountain. Supposed to get it today. Hopefully I can get it on this weekend.

Just scan eBay for a deal on one. Better then paying full price for a new one or getting a replica

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