2003 green sticker

I was at dmv Friday taking care of my dual registration on my 99 wr and as I was bs'ing about the laws and such and how all 2002 and previous were green stickered etc etc. The clerk looked at me and said "actually they are going to make it all 2003 and previous years do to them getting sued over and over again by different groups" I said oh that is too bad for you guys. He said the laws are so screwed up they can't keep them straight.

Has anyone else heard of this new development?

I haven't heard of this, but I hope it is true. My brother-inlaw went to the DMV to get his green sticker on his 02WR426 about 6 months ago. The DMV worker said he was not eligble for a green sticker. They argued for a while the the worker would not listen. My husband went onto DMV website and printed out the regulations for green sticker bikes. My husband and brother-inlaw went back down and showed them the paperwork from their own website. Ofcourse they new they were wrong. It's hard to know who has the correct info or not. I guess we will eventually find out.

Well, if the DMV is going to review/revise their own rules, maybe they can throw-in '04s too :D

Seems strange that they would consider making everything Green except brand new '04 bikes. What is the purpose of red vs. green stickers? If it's emissions, I gotta believe that emissions technologies only improve with each new model year. If it's noise considerations, the 96 db limit takes care of that separately.

I'm still confused.... :)

What was the reason for ending the dual reg. of bikes in CA? They still have 2 wheels like any other street legal bike, and if you throw some lights on whats the difference? I agree Chef ; what makes the 03/04 any different from other years? Can someone who knows something about this ruling tell us. :)

The way I figured it was that since they arbitarily picked the 02 bikes as the cut off they alienated alot of people who had 03's the 03 guys started to sued the dmv so they relented and included the 03's in the green sticker game. Since all this bs was going on and everyone was aware of it or reasonably should have been by the time the 04's were out they made the new cut off there. That is what I think and is not based on fact. But i do know that they were getting bombarded with lawsuits and they caved, basically. All i can imagine is that they are gathering their thoughts and are going to make some changes when they have their crap straight. THe guy at the dmv also told me that as far as the dual sport issue goes, they don't have a clue what the future holds, he basically said they don't know what kind of new stuff they are going to come up with, so that can be good or bad.

Here is why i was there. My current street reg was up but I don't ride my bike on the street, so I don't have a license or insurance. To renew i needed proof of insurance. I wanted to keep the plate, so that when I sell it, the next buyer has that advantage. So i aksed if I could non op it on the street protion, not show proof of insurance, keep my plate and get a green sticker. So $25 later that is what he did.

I just got my red sticker after registering it last month!!

That would be great to get a green sticker!

It's all [@#$%&!]! Can't ride in the hills(gorman)during the summer because of smog and other crap, but i can go to the track every weekend and pollute as much as i what!!

Makes no sense!!!

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